Turban Or Pagri: The Pride Of Marwar

The Rajasthani Pagri is an ethnic turban. The style of hanging the turban changes based on atmosphere states of the desert district. Otherwise called ‘petas’, the Marwari Pagris used to before represent eminence and respect.

Rajasthani Pagri

Inception and History

The brilliant pages of history, which grandstand the rise of this social clothing follows back to seventh century that characterized the standard of the Rajputs. It was during their period, when these turbans were naturally designed and weaved with the best strings of cotton and silk, and were disparaged and advanced as an image of status and personality. The Rajput Kings donned this conventional turban in various hues and styles as per the events in the grand court.


There’s an unending plenty of turbans that are worn by individuals crosswise over Rajasthan. Now and again, the shade of the pagri changes as indicated by the season. Falgunia turbans having white and red structures are brandished during spring season, while in the long stretch of July, the noticeable shading is ‘motiya’ or pearl pink. A green and pink striped or yellow and red striped turban in Lehariya prints, is worn in the storm.

Pachrangi Pagri

Present Day Scenario

With the quick pacing years, Leheriya Pagris have likewise hit the market, wherein splendid hues are mainstream.

Event Wear

The Marwari turban shifts in shading and style as indicated by the event to be worn to. Specked turbans in splendid hues are worn for relationships and birth services. Light, calm and dull shades of hues are worn for the petition gatherings of expired individuals.

Worldwide Appeal

Worldwide markets are advancing Rajasthani Pagris. Ongoing examples incorporate Japanese drivers wearing Rajasthani turbans. The equivalent has been included in a significant number global design occasions.


Sherwani suits and Jodhpuri suits for the most part praise the Rajasthan Pagri. Intensely brocaded and weaved covers and coats additionally go well with the Marwari pagris, showing up and experience rich and magnificent.


These Pagris are generally worn to events like wedding services, strict social affairs and bubbly festivals, other than others.

Pagri Paganini

Fascinating Facts and Comparisons

• Turban hanging challenges are held each year at Pushkar celebration and different occasions sorted out by the state the travel industry division.

• In Hindu Rajput relationships, the lady’s dad is made to wear the conventional pagri.

• The city of Jaipur brags of a turban exhibition hall, which professes to have perhaps the biggest assortment of turbans.


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