The Trend of Kolhapuri Chappals and Footwear

Kohlapuri chappals or Kolhapuri are kitschy high-quality shoes made structure calfskin. A couple of kohlapuri chappals can commend pants and shirt look just as ethnic style wears like saree and Salwar Kameez. These chappals have experienced different developments in the most recent decade, and have picked up notoriety crosswise over India and the world.

Kolhapur Chappal

They are open toed in plan with a T-Strap


As per chronicled proof, the kohlapuri chappals were first worn in the mid thirteenth century and began in the territory of Maharashtra. They were at first known as ‘Kapashi’, Pie-taan’, Kachkadi’, Bakkalnali’, and Pukari, since these were the names of the different towns where the chappals were made and hand made. The illustrious group of Maharashtra ‘Saudagars’ were the initial ones to find the uniqueness of the kohlapuri chappals and loaned their inventiveness to what is today known as the kohlapuri chappal. The Saudagars made a more slender rendition of the chappal, which had two folds on either side. They named it ‘Kanwali’, which actually implied a chappal with ears! The Chappals had a little enlivening hide like ball in the middle which gave it an illustrious and expound advance.

In the later years, these chappals were found by one of Bombay’s unmistakable shoe retailers J.J and Sons, who requested 20 sets from the Saudagar family and sold it in Bombay. Since the Kohlpauri chappals increased massive prominence, there was no turning back, and a few specialists, who were essentially from the city of Athani in Maharashtra, aced this craftsmanship, however since the genuine cause of these chappals should be stayed discreet, the name given to these chappals was that of Kohlapur. There are a few expert and places in kohlapur who are bosses of this specialty also, however the genuine skilled worker were from the Athani town.

Kohlapuri Chappals


Initially, the Kohlapuri chappal was made utilizing Buffalo-cover up, and string, and the sole was massively thick which made the chappals weigh as much as 2 kilos! The motivation behind making such thick chappals was with the goal that the wearer could persevere through the warmth and the sloping territories of Maharashtra. Nowadays be that as it may, the kohlapuri chappals are as light as a plume and have a thin and level sole. The chappals are produced using fine quality calfskin, and come in various styles, hues and plans.

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Developments and Trends

The conventional kohlapuri chappals arrive in a tan dark colored shading, with many-sided string structures woven onto the fold, with a brilliant red hide ball put in the middle. Notwithstanding, with the progression of time these chappals have experienced different new structures and styles, each made for individuals with various inclinations. Nowadays one can discover kohlapuri chappals in a wide range of hues extending from green, red, pink, gold, silver, purple, blue, yellow, dark, orange; the rundown is interminable. Certain turns in the fundamental structure are likewise accessible, with twofold sided folds, or additional embellishments, for example, sequins, pearls, or stones, which make the kohlapuri chappal appropriate for progressively expand occasions, for example, weddings, gatherings, commitment, and strict events. Kohlapuri chappals essentially accompany a level underside, anyway with late developments in Indian design, one can likewise discover kohlapuri chappals with impact points which add more fabulousness to this interesting footwear.

Geometric examples and out of control plans have likewise been fused in the customary kohlapuri chappals which make them an unquestionable requirement have for any youthful school young lady.

The value extend for these chappals fluctuates relying upon the store or the retailer. One can discover modest kohlapuri chappals in neighborhood road markets, while the more costly kind is accessible at top of the line workmanship stores. These chappals are additionally accessible online on various shopping destinations and can be conveyed anyplace on the planet. An extraordinary thing about these chappals is that they are unisex, and can be worn by men too. The kohlapuri chappals include moment customary and ethnic intrigue to any gathering, regardless of whether it’s a straightforward kurta, sari, or a lehenga. They are for the most part worn for easygoing clothing, however the more intricate kind can be worn for events that require more pageantry.

Worldwide Appeal

For any individual who visits India, kohlapuri chappals are consistently over the rundown of ‘thing to purchase’. Their jazzy, ethnic, and agreeable quality have made them prominent among a few people in India and in western nations, for example, America, U.K, Canada, Europe, Middle East, and in other Asian nations also like Pakistan and China.


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