Bengal Cotton Saree

Bengal Cotton Saree
Bengal Cotton Saree

What’s the primary thing that comes as a primary concern when you think about Bengal? Indeed, most would think desserts and a luscious sense of taste of foods. What’s the subsequent thing? Without a doubt, it is their attire. The textures and clothing types of the province of Bengal are intently connected with the shading white. Take, for instance, the Bengali saree. The immaculate white saree with an outskirt in red typifies the pride of Bengali culture. The wrap also can be recognized from the typical manner by which a North Indian or a Gujarati would wrap a saree.


The way of life of Bengal, similar to that of countless different terrains of India, has been impacted by the different human advancements that settled there for a specific timeframe. On the off chance that one passes by the authentic writings, at that point, the province of Bengal had a nearby stretch with the Mauryan heritage. In addition, in the seventh century, the conditions of Bengal and Bihar went under the standard of the realm of Magadh.

Being one of the four primary realms that existed during the hour of Mahavira and Budhha, Bengal till date supports the worth arrangement of the otherworldly occasions in its worth framework. Obviously, the conventional clothing of Bengal was an impression of the impacts that it drew and assimilated from the inheritance of shifted social philosophies that it saw.


At the center point of Bengali attire are two things:

a) the way of life and worth arrangement of Bengal

b) the custom of weaving.

Dress for people in Bengal can be grouped under two principle heads referenced as pursues:

Bengal sarees
Bengal sarees

Customary/Occasional Wear: The ladies of Bengal invest wholeheartedly in the conventional sari. The incredibly famous Bengali saree has been so generally welcomed that it has earned the status of a clique style. A specific style of sari that is known as the shari is the trademark of the neighborhood clothing for the ladies. The sarees are for the most part made of Silk and have a vigorously weaved pallu or outskirt.

What makes Bengali sarees very flawless is the craftsmanship and difficult work that goes into assembling and planning every single one of them. Garad silk sarees, Jamdani, Tant, Sournachuri or Baluchuri Saree are among the well known customary sarees from Bengal.

Each lady of Bengal owes an uncommon polish to the saree weavers who are totally proficient in their specialty. The quintessential intrigue of every saree is advanced by the string work in gleaming Gold that decorates the fringe. Fortunately, a Bengali saree is very agreeable to wear, in spite of the way that it looks very substantial.

For the men, the customary style wear incorporates Punjabis and lungis. The previous is a freely fitted piece of clothing of knee-length. A Punjabi is very like a kurta; in any case, is made out of Silk. Intended to be an easygoing wear, the Punjabis in spite of their intrigue are not worn on uncommon events. Lungis then again are a sort of dhoti. Fastidiously made in Silk, Batik or Cotton textures, the lungi is an agreeable article of clothing that arrives in a scope of hues.

The plan patterns of customary Bengali couture are woven in the ensembles showing the craft of Kantha. A sort of string work that requires most extreme fixation and strategy, Kantha till date is very sought after.

Advanced Clothing

These days, Bengalis everywhere throughout the world put stock in wearing attire from each culture and from varying backgrounds. Ladies settle on clothing types like salwar kameez and cotton sarees. They are seen wearing western garments too. The conventional dress is mosty held for extraordinary events and strict services.

Event Dressing

The intrigue of the Bengali couture lies in its innovation of style. The customary method for hanging a Bengali saree, for instance, is held for events that are genuinely uncommon. A function like marriage or Durga Puja is the point at which a Bengali lady dresses for the event, in the real nature of her way of life. She wraps the white and red couture in a way that the pallu of the saree is left openly dangling from her left shoulder. The wrap is uncomplicated in style, yet very rich.

Occasional Wear

Best Bengal Sarees
Best Bengal Sarees

Made of unadulterated Silk, the Bengali sari is agreeable to be worn on occasion and places that have a lovely climate. Silk textures are additionally open to during winters. Be that as it may, they are not reasonable during outrageous summers and damp climate.



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