All About Cowry Shells, Sea Shells, Beach Shells

Cowries have been utilized as gems for quite a long time. Vividly designed and egg-molded length go from minute five mm to a harsh twenty cm. These shells have been utilized as charms, money, knickknacks and other comparable items for quite a while. Cowrie shells have been utilized as charms, money, trendy knickknacks and other comparable items since times prehistoric. They convey an altogether different intrigue from what snazzy gemstones and metallic gems radiate.


Cowry shells are the outside piece of the Cypraeidae molluscs, local to the Indian and Pacific seas, particularly the waters around the Maldives. They have been found with openings scratched in Stone Age gives in over the Indian Ocean going back to seventy-5,000 years prior. More than 3,000 years back the Chinese utilized cowry shells as cash. It was a well known methods for exchange and trade in numerous nations, for example, India, Africa, North America, Japan and West Papua. Cowry shells were viewed as an image of womanhood, fruitfulness, and birth. In Japan, one of the names for a cowry shell means ‘the simple conveyance shell’. Japanese ladies held cowry shells while conceiving an offspring trusting it guarantees a fruitful conveyance.

African covers found secured with lines of cowry shells symbolized extraordinary riches, and clothing which was secured with these shells showed eminence. Unearthing of dead groups of Chinese sovereignty prove cowry shells in their mouths, reverberating the feeling the Chinese accepted; that the dead too required cash. In Indonesia, the cowry shell is as yet utilized as a type of cash in the remote districts close by with the Rupiah. Indeed, even today, cowry shells serve a critical job in procuring a lady of the hour as a component of the cost in specific networks.

Cowry shells are at times utilized as bones, as in prepackaged games or in divination (anticipating the future or increasing mysterious information). These shells are utilized by the Kaniyar Panicker celestial prophets in Kerala. Ladies in West Papua were cowry accessories as adornments. Cowry shells still component as adornments among clans from Bastar (Madhya Pradesh), Odisha and some different pieces of India.

Cowrie Shell Bracelet

The Making

Sewn into attire, woven into hair and created into different bits of gems, they have been an enhancement just as an image of status and riches. By penetrating the back or front piece of the shell it could be worn as a pendant suspended from a rope.


The cowry shell veils are a significant piece of African specialties and is quite looked for after as a thing of inside stylistic theme. Cowry shells have been utilized to make pendants, pieces of jewelry, chokers, wrist trinkets, hair adornments, hoops, ornamental midsection belts, anklets and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Its utilization in inside stylistic theme is flexible. Cowry shells are an appealing quality in entryway outlines, photograph outlines, pad covers. Columns of these shells sewed together or in singles in entryways as window ornaments; cowry shells upgrade adornments cases, blessing boxes, belts, covers and shawls. Furniture decorated with cowry shells are extremely satisfying to take a gander at. Foot stools, glass bested tables decorated with cowry shells, paper loads, packs, satchels, light holders are a couple of different things wherein cowrie shells are utilized as embellishments.

Present Day Scenario

The utilization of cowry shells really taking shape of merry wear ghagras, dupattas and cholis is very well known. These shells sewed on kurtas, cotton tops, shirts, and stoles totally modify the appearance of a straightforward outfit or embellishment, and arrive in a variety of examples.


African covers are viewed as an image of karma. Kandiya armbands made with coins and cowry shells are an excellent case of the specialty from the Banjara clans of Gujarat. A texture base is utilized to join the old coins, glass dots and cowry shells and it is molded into an armband or an armlet. Flexible inside the base texture can make this bit of gems increasingly adaptable. Cowry shell clatters are smooth and fit easily in one’s grasp. No two clatters sound the equivalent; the sounds delicate and delicate. Cowry shells have been are as yet utilized as catches. As of late because of the accessibility of progressively material, these catches are accessible in more varieties in plan and shading. Cowry shells are utilized on mobile phone covers, fellowship groups for youth, gems for children and footwear as well.

Cowrie Shell Bracelet


Cowry shells have been created into different sorts of alluring gems which is fit for easygoing and formal events. Cowry shells as a focal piece of a gold choker or as a pendant with semi-valuable stones can be worn for unique occasions, bubbly events and for a night assembling as well. The midriff belts, hoops, pendants, and bracelets can be worn with ethnic clothing, for example, salwar suits and saris. For Western wear like denim pants and a fresh cotton shirt in a solitary shading, hoops in calm shades of dark, or dark, cooperated with an energetic hued neckpiece works extraordinary. Cowry shell adornments joined with silver or gold offer a great commendation to sarees in silk, chiffon, and Georgette which have a smooth stream.


Cowry shells have been made into alluring studs by consolidating them with semi-valuable stones, for example, amethysts, jade, coral, turquoise, onyx, agate, red jasper and some more. They have been joined with dabs and made into patches for application on a large group of items, for example, packs, denim pants, tapestries, and belts.


Cowry shell gems are one more of the numerous options in contrast to alternatives other than the bling of substantial of metallic gems. Likewise, they can be worn with Indian ethnic wear, Westerns, formals and Indowesterns as well. For example, with formal wear, one can decide on dull shades of tans, or go for a maroon, beige or pink, to make an unpretentious style explanation.

Cowrie Shell Ring


Cowry shell like some other shell is fragile and can break effectively. Thus care ought to be taken not to drop it. A mellow cleanser arrangement can be utilized to clean cowry shells. The ghagra and saris that have cowry shells decorated should be laundered and put away from dampness and direct daylight.


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